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last night i had a gig at home, the equipment i used are the vms4.1 and i was running it on the traktor software whit a hp pavilion g7, the vms4.1 is placed in a flightcase.

during the night the vms4.1 restarted seval times so i had to restrat traktor. i have read different thing to solve the problem by connecting it tho another group(didnt work for me)i dont have a smoke machine to the only thing that needed power where the amp cdplayer laptop and the vms(connected to antoher group). i have read a topic about static electricity, the problem only appers when i touch the jogweel or the vms4. the vms4 is not grounded.
i have tought about serval sollutions:

1 Power Conditioner, to protect the vms4 to surge spikes (quite expasnsive)
2 buy a new apdapter that is grounded if that could work whit the vms4.
3 try to gound the vms4 in a different way.

Can someone help me to find a good solution that will work, i have more gigs these months and i really need to get it working properly.

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Originally posted by Sjloefrens:
i did a test yesterday:
i used my old laptop dual core 1.6 ghz, it was running on full cpu power for 5 hours whitout a crash? i dont know if there are issues whit traktor on laptops whit i7 i5 or i3 processors?
tommorow i will test it again whit the hp pavilion and see if it is indeed the laptop.

I could be that windows has permission to turn of usb devices to save power. Bad manufacture usb driver. Try going to HP's homepage and update all drivers also is the HP USB 3 and your older is USB 2. I know most NI hardware have problem with USB3 something to do with how USB 3 handels audio. I think the problem is with you HP and not Traktor or VMS4.1. Try doing a Google on optimizing windows for music.

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