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the VMS4 traktor edition and the VMS4.1 are technically the same - except for the print on the plate.

so, generally you can use both with both softwares - if you already have software.

if you dont, i'd say go with the one with the software you like more... both come with LE versions, so you can then upgrade for a lower price.

hope this helps!
DJ Freshfluke is exactly right. The VMS4.1 and the VMS4.1 w Traktor are exactly the same hardware (controller) just with different labelling on the buttons and knobs. They both will work great with your Traktor Software, just one will have matching graphics. Also they both work great with Traktor 2.5
Originally posted by MartinK:
Cool, I think I'll go for the Traktor edition, but will try VDJ too.

I would go for the not tracktor version myself. I have the original VMS4 and have it mapped totally different from the stock traktor mapping. I also have a styleflip faceplate with no labels on it. The vms4.1 traktor edition has even the LED buttons labeled so it can become confusing if you mape changes to the original mapping as all LEDS might end up flashing the wrong info on the controller.

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