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Recently I bought a VMS4.1 Bundled with Virtual DJ, but I decide to install Traktor Pro. After I connect it on my pc and install Asio driver, I be able to change channel,in,out settings and to control the software with my VMS after setting traktor. But next time I open my VSM and Traktor, I can control it. I check my setting if they had change and they rest the same. I can't see the settings on Asio settings driver. I think Asio driver stop because I can't control traktor and when I push ohter boutons they don't lightning... I shearch tutorial on website but I find nothig that can help me to resolve this and the website is not updated. This product is new and I already had problems with it, thats not normal! Eeker

Thanks for your help, I will maybe resolve this with your help and start to use it one day...
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I have the reply from ADJ support. He give me the VMS4.1 Traktor Edition Quick Start Guide file and tell me to follow all steps. I found because of what my pc don't find my controller its when I change to the mode 8 outs, the only method for use the mode 8 out its to install it at the begenning in 8 out with Traktor and don't install Virtual DJ... But I want to use the two software ...

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