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No, i 've downloaded the trial version, want to give it a try with my VMS4 and 4 decks, but nevermind, virtualDJ is too virtual for me, i'll go for something else, most of hardware doesn't work right out of the box, you'll have to be a programmer for playing music with al those mediacontrollers now today...i've still waiting for a good tsi for traktor...traktor don't make it for american audio VMS4 and viceversa...
Originally posted by Patrick_belgium:'s the only one that works with his own software.

that's definitely not true - besides the traktor ready controllers, where pre-defined mappings are installed along with traktor, you can of course make your own mappings for every controller out there - traktor in fact works with _every_ midi controller.

traktors mapping possibilities are very powerful and flexible, which enables you to use literally every midi controller on earth...
Sorry, yes you're right...that's the only one that works GOOD & COMPLETE compatible with his own software.(leds, scrathing with jog wheels...) For the rest of the controllers you'll have to be more time for programming the thing than play with it... In my opinion VMS4 works only good with virtualDJ and the VMS4-skin. But virtualDJ isn't (for me) good software
I have the skin and map from virtual dj site now and still having problems with getting the correct signal from specified deck when trying to cue up a song.If I have the fader for a deck all the way down, I still should be able to hear it through phones and can't. I have cue mix all the way to the left. Also over the weekend at a set volume level shot up and tried to bring it down with fader it didn't work. had to use the gain. Moderator or Freshfluke what should I do?
thanks anyway. got it figured out now. had to install driver for windows 32 bit on laptop besides the one it installs when you install virtual le. also set advanced config deck 1 out put 1&2, deck 2 output 3&4, deck 3 5&6, Deck 4 output 7&8, microphone output 9&10, record loopback input 1&2 all with adj asio. everything is working fine now. can cue up each channel individually the way it's supposed to be.

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