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I have always been wondering why my vertigo is so bright. When I turn it on, it lights up my entire garage. In pictures and at the store it the doesn't flood the entire room with bright light. I got the fog machine and everything. Do I need a lower wattage bulb? The effect I want to achieve is having the Vertigo make beams but keeping the room dark at the same time Thanks.
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Are the walls in your garage white? To keep light from reflecting around the room, paint all the walls and the ceiling a dark none reflective color like, oh I donno, black. That will keep the excess light you don�t want from reflecting back in to the room.
In pictures the units are usually being used in a larger room so they cant totally wash the whole room. And in demo room at stores, they usually have the walls and stuff painted a dark color.
There are 2 things you can do to dim down a Vertigo:

1. Replace the lamps with LL-200 bulbs, available at modt DJ stores. It's 200 watts rather than 300, so rather than having an output of 600 watts, the light will only have 400 watts.

2. Take one bulb out. This will reduce the effect to 15 beams and lower the output to 300 watts. The light doesn't look as good with one bulb, but it WILL reduce the output considerably.

Hope this helps! Smiler

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