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Seems like ADJ Audio equipment is so difficult to obtain here in NY. I wanted to play on their latest equipment for so long and have not gotten a chance to do so. To be honest I may not go with the PS2 but the velocity seems to be a force to be reckoned with. The first touch sensitive dual cd player which is indeed a great idea.Djs need that especially when they wanna carry somn that performs like vinyl and is not as much a load to carry around(It is not always necessary to use TTs but you always wanna keep that performance up to speed and you have to use some crampy dual deck it was messed up until now). I would like to commend ADJ on that.

I am still willing to try out the PS2s though cause you never know I can change my mind about what digital TT I plan to get(I used to play on TTs). But as for the velocity it is excellent in terms of features and most importantly the touch sensitive jog wheel. Peeps should be reassured about ADJ. I think so cause I get so much negative feedbacks from people that it sometimes discourages me. But you know some of these people are probably just faithful to some other company as there are djs that are for ADJ. They propably never touched any ADJ equipment.

Thanks and Bless. Really I am just looking for somewhere I can test out ADJs equipment in NY. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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i will tell you the velocity is heaven sent from the dm angels, i use to do tt but made the switch when it became to hard to recieve 12 inch, when velocity first came out i order mine, at 999, although the price had drop since then, the original price of 1499 or 1699 what ever it was i would have paid that too. with the dcd 1000, ready to make it debut, i wonder what difference if any there would be. peeps say that you could never replace tt but i tell you, with velocity, i for one would never go back to tt, be it advance technology or what ever. it is worth its weight in gold. as for the ps2, i think if you a battle d.j. and always will be a battle d.j. then go for them, but if your not always going to battling then velocity may give you more bang for buck just my two.
Originally posted by squadsound:
[qb] Seems like ADJ Audio equipment is so difficult to obtain here in NY.[/qb]
I'm not from NY, so I'm not sure who all carries AA in NY, but I am pretty sure Abracadabra on Long Island does.

If you go to the American DJ Home Page on the top right there is a dealer search. All you need to do is enter your zip and it will give you a list of places to try. I entered 10017 for Manhatten, and it gave me 33 dealers. Wink

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