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I have just bought MyDMX and was struggling to find a profile for a Showtec Firestorm Scanner. I could not request a profile for it as I didn't have, and can't get anywhere, a proper manual for it. (If anyone has one which shows a DMX chart, please let me know).

I have created a profile by going through every channel value and documenting it. It works perectly so I thought I would share it with other MyDMX users but can't find anywhere to upload it to.

Is there a process for this?
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Showtec Firestorm Scanner

I found a manual for this fixture, but it sucks, so I won't waste anyone's time with it. It does NOT list the DMX traits, so I wonder what the purpose is for this manual outside of general operations. I mean, if you can open the box and power this up, you effectively don't need the manual that I found.

There is a process for submitting profiles. I'll let Jingles handle that. The more we share, the betetr it is for everyone.

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