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Well, a little over 2 months since MyDMX blew up in my face and I had to "fail over" to my DMX Operator(thanks ADJ!!), I've since been having nothing but luck and success with MyDMX, and for that I also thank ADJ.

Due to the whacky situation that came up tied to weather and Plan A/B/C and the mantra that the show MUST go on, I was once again at the location of my MyDMX failure, with the band I was working with at that event as well.

I figured, "hey, previous ones been going well", so I should have no problems. Right? Wrong. This time I had to leave my rack with the DMX Operator behind. The only other goodies in there were my feedback killers, which these guys don't need.

MyDMX HAD to work. of course the bigger problem was "is it gonna rain", and it did rain, and then it was "are we gonna be able to set for show", and we crammed it in. And then we're trying to get lights up, and this new tech I hired for the event was absolutely great. So while I was mixing, he was doing my 8 64B LED Pros. I felt bad because I don't like not helping, but hey, we have to do what we have to do. So, during the show, he's getting those up on the LTS-2 stands.

MyDMX tanks immediately, despite launching in USB mode. Uh oh! This is what it did last time. I hit typically "W" for all white, and it CRAWLS. Lights aren't hooked up yet, but I've replicated this problem before. Dongle is attached the whole time and plugged into the 200-foot DMX cable.

Fortunately, I didn't panic and the band is solid, so I could divert some time to address this, while the manager wants the light show to get going. Fortunately I could honestly say we're working on it. I quit MyDMX, unplugged the dongle. I replugged, got the happy beep, launched MyDMX and it's behaving in USB mode just as it should. Solid as a rock all night long. A few minutes later, half the lights were on, and a little bit later, the other 4 were up and on.

Yes, this was the latest version of MyDMX.

In a show plagued by problems, MyDMX showed the least problems and came through like a champ. With no back-up solution to fall back on, in this "do or die", MyDMX DID.

ADJ, you know me. I'm a pain in the butt. I'm a picky and demanding customer. I'm not your target type of client, I'm sort of a tier above that, but NOT quite Elation yet. It takes a LOT to make me happy.

I'm happy.
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