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I purchased a new MyDMX Buddy interface to replace one that failed last week. When I go to to register it, I keep getting prompted to install the latest version of the SUT. Once I redownload it and reinstall, I'm then prompted to "disconnect and reconnect" the interface -- even when it is not connected.

I'm stuck in this loop of being unable to register the new interface. Can anyone offer some insight on how to get the registration process to work?

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Thank you for your quick reply. When I connect the dongle to the computer, I get a message that says "The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

So I ignore that message and log into the store. Once there, I click on "Register a new interface."

Then I get a popup that says, "Please disconnect then reconnect the usb dmx interface."

So I do.

Then I click on register again, and it tells me to please disconnect...

I'm thinking at this point that I have a defective interface.

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