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I recently bought MyDMX 2.0 and I have some questions. I have run sound for bands for 30+ years and have just recently purchased about $4,000 in DMX lights. I run sound entirely from an iPad and am looking to do the same with the lights.
Any recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Dan
My Qustions are below:
1. As I look throught the videos I see some with a "white background" and some with a "black background". I assume that the "white" are MyDMX 1.0 and the "black" are MyDMX 2.0 and I further assume I can ignore the "white" videos.
2. The "white" videos show a tool called "3D-Visualizer" but I don't find it in the MyDMX 2.0 software. Has it been replaced by the "Scene Builder"?
3. Are there any videos for 2.0 that show putting together a 3+ minute scene that, when started, would run through an entire song with precisely timed changes with the DMX units? I think I can see how to do this, but I hope I am not entirely correct in how I think is is done.
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The white versions of MyDMX are v1. v1 includes a 3D visualizer for offline programming. The 3D visualizer is currently not bundled with MyDMX 2.0, but it is coming. According to ADJ, late 2013. You can do precise timing in MyDMX, but you have to do it the hard way. Play the track repeatedly until you get the timing right.

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