Where are all the turntablist? Did everyone turn in their tables for a PS2. And if so do we get a discount. What do i do with all of my vinyl. Can't use them as frisbes, might hurt the neighbor kids. Would use them as coasters but i don't drink that much.

Have we all just given up on turntables? Turned our backs on them just like we did to the Ford Pinto? I say bring back the turntables and the Pinto. That way i will finally be in style again

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Original Post

Nothing has happend to the Turntablist! Don't make a mistake about it. A DJ on CD can be a turntablist as well. But there are many that do Vinyl, and CD's such as myself. I like to stick with all of the artforms. Talk all you want about Vinyl here, because i'll be here talking about vinyl with you. Smiler
iM A pure HARDCORE Turntable spinner..woooooo..
love turnables nothin like that old schol feelin. I do spin cd's to .. but i still love scratchin up a storm and mixin my beats up the old..tables..im here with ya,,BRO!!! to the end.. which will never come lets HOPE.. VIVA TABLES.. LOL.. KEEP IT REAL.. PEACE OUT DJGUESS..

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Thank you for hanging in there with me. I can now say i have a partner from canada. Besides Vince Carter. Keep spinin'.

Forever Cool
Dont worry Bro !!. im here till the end..US TURNTABLISTS have to stick together till the end..cd's are great but like i said theres nothin like the feelin of mixin up a storm on our tables..i hope others agree with us....and VINCE CARTER..will be back next season..stronger than ever,,go raps..go..

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Personally guys, don't worry! Vinyl will never die, there is just to much of a high market for it to die. I love vinyl myself, but you must also be happy that CD's can come close, but with more advantages too. So all i am saying is.. Do what you love to do, and don't ever be afraid to explorer more options. In other words, would you like 1 girl? or 2 women in the spa? Smiler Big Grin
Skilz is in charge of the girls and the spa.
I will run the camera (my wife will kill me otherwise).
Guess u can keep the beats coming. Roll Eyes
I spin vinyl...haven't gotten in on the cd's yet, but I'm with you Skilz...VIVA TECHNOLOGY!

Skilz are you back from anyother pimped out show?

-shannon Razzer
i don't want to sound like a pansy, but why is it that skilz must dissagree with everything that i post in this forum
do you feel insecure becouse i don't praise you and hang on you every word like some of these idiots that think your some kind of god or something.
who did SKILZ disagree with? I must've missed something.? Confused The man, like myself, uses cd's and vinyl, all he said was Technology forever, that's not a disagreement?

Excuse me ?? But what the hell are you talking about?? Where did i disagree with you?? All i simply said was Technology forever, and that was not even a disagrement ! It was just a AD on to TT forever. Damn man! And you know what people around here are not going to like you if you call them idiots. And for your infomation there isn't any praising going on around here, just "Respect". Thats the same respect that i give everybody here, and i don't see nothing wrong with getting some back.
WHERES..THE ..LOVE..Man.. what happened Skilz is a great Guy. Philabong i bet you are to Bro!! But we all must RESPECT each other in here were all DJ'S helpin each other out when help is needed.Nobody dissed anyone it was all a missunderstanding,,im a HUGE TURNTABLE FREAK.. but i also like CD'S TECHNOLOGY FOREVER.. right. i agree with that to even though i say TURNTABLES FOREVER,, but hey everyone has there own OPINION.. right,,, and it was all in god fun .. so cant we all just get along... O.K.. Now evrybody SHAKE hands.. lets be freinds... LOL.. anyways dont worry.. skilz. was just vicing his Opinion.. and he spins Both VYNEL AND CD.. hes a good guy.. and no body WORSHIPS anybody here..pr praises anyone we all just RESPECT each other.. so KEEP IT REAL> GUYS>> .. PEACE OUT>.

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Hey Mr. Fillabong
Skilz is right nobody likes being called an idot. And as far as anyone can tell in here Skilz could be a god. And it seems to me that your out numbered with the disagreement statement. Maybe you've just just being fillin'-a-bong too much lately.
chill out man!

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