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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I have just aquired a faulty Swivel Beam I barrel light.

It has a smashed fuse holder on the bottom.

My question is, where can I get a new fuse holder?? Also, there is a round electrical component with a wire just floating around inside the unit. does this solder onto the back of the fuse holder??

My final qusedtion is, where can I get a new hanging bracket for this unit? It came out of an old nightclub install and the brackets unfortunately were left bolted to the walls of the nightclub.

Any comments would be greatly recieved, pictures available on request.



P.S. It is the EU (UK) model
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Definately ave those pictures available for Support. They could also transfer you to PARTS to order parts as well, but they may recommend you to a specific web site for European parts sales.

Fuse holders are usually no problem. Brackets may also be no big deal. There are many types of clamps that are often used. Most don't have brackets, but have mounting holds for clamps or for other mounting options such as bolts.

Folks, a word of advise:
Always test used fixtures before purchase whenever possible. The cost of repairs often will exceed any cost savings for older fixtures.
I have contacted European Support.

They have said that the light was not sold over here although it was produced for multi country use and therefore they do not support the unit.

They said that the unit was sold in the US but, the US parts department will not ship to UK..

What can I do??!!
That really does limit your options. But the US Parts Department WILL ship to a domestic US address, so if you can find a friend in the US who will ship it to the UK, then you're good to go.

I have to ship a package to the UK fairly soon. I know how costly they screw ya to get stuff over there and from there to here.

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