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I have two of the original Tri18 models and I have a pair of the Tri18X. (I planning to purchase a second pair this month.)

My first question is: "Can I connect the Tri18X as master and the Tri18 original model as the slave and control the pair with the SC2 handheld remote control device?"

I have a second question: "I understand the SC2 device will also remote control the CWWW18. (I own a pair of those.) If I am using the Tri18X master to a slaved Tri18 AND I also have both of the CWWW18 on the same tripods as the Tri18X/Tri18 at the same event, will the same SC2 control each of those devices independently or will the CWWW18 be affected by the commands to the Tri18X/Tri18 and vice versa?"

For those who do not know me or my application for these lights...I primarily do live sound for theater (typically children's drama and musicals but occasionally comedy) and I also do live musicians/bands. Only occasionally do I do DJ events or DJ support. So I am primarily looking for stage wash and not necessarily "effects lighting".

Story time: I had a client who wanted to "audition" my equipment LIVE so they could decide if they wanted to purchase (at my recommendation) some Tri18X and CWWW18 for their multipurpose venue and concert series. They were very specific when I told them the brand name and model numbers of the fixtures..."Now, we don't want no flashy lights. Makes our performers dizzy. We just want something to create a mood, but we feel it is important to have facial recognition." Thus the CWWW18 are focused on center stage and the Tri18X are used for a wash on the back half of the stage and back wall. They were so pleased they did buy the models I suggested and now they have referred me to another client for a large outdoor fundraiser event. (thus my need for a couple more Tri18X)

Just because the name of the manufacturer has "DJ" in the name, it does not preclude other applications and event production from the benefit of the ADJ products.

I am a very satisfied ADJ owner and encourage other contractors and bands to purchase the same products that I use for live performance events.

Thanks in advance for a reply.
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Hi Jingles:

Thanks for checking in so late on a work night. (I am not sure if I am up early or "still up from yesterday" myself. 04:53 CDT)

OK, I did not get the description correct regarding the second question. I do not plan to link the CWWW18 and the Tri18X/Tri18...

I only plan to link the Tri18X and the Tri18 (original)...I would put the Tri18X first in the signal path as the "master" and then connect to any other Tri18X and end up with the original Tri18 last in the signal path.

My understanding is that the difference in the Tri18 (original model) and the Tri18X is that the "X" has wireless remote capability.

My compatibility question is specific to that issue. Assuming I use a remote wireless control device, can I control the first in the signal path (the Tri18X) and then via hard wire connection from the Master (Tri18X) to the Slave unit (an original Tri18 device)?

I already use the Tri18X as the master in a hard wired set up and I know that works just fine. It is only the wireless application that raised the question of compatibility.


I have to plead "sleep depravation" or just plain "stupidity" on the "SC2"...what I meant was the ADJ LED RC2.

And perhaps that is the wrong device for my needs. My original source was the website of an online retailer that shows that the LED RC2 is compatible with the Flat Par Tri18X.

(the following is a cut and paste from that website:

The ADJ LED RC2 can control these items:

When I went to the ADJ website and searched the ADJ LED RC2, it did not specifically list the Flat Par Tri18X nor any of the other flat par devices.

So...does the ADJ LED RC2 work with the Tri18X and by hard wire, would it also control the Tri18?

Would a device like the ADJ WiFLY RGBW8C be a better solution for my situation and planned application.


My current plan is to acquire another pair of the Tri18X which would give me four Tri18X and a pair of original the two CWWW18.

My plan is to run the lights in "banks" or "zones". I would assign a pair of Tri18X to each of 3 zones: Audience Left/Center Stage/Audience Right. I already own two of the ADJ RGB3C controllers and I am very comfortable with them. I also have an Elation Stage Setter that I have been using for control of the CWWW18 fixtures.

To be honest, if it is a hassle trying to use a wireless device to do the things I am suggesting, it would be just as practical for me to pick up a third RGB3C controller and run my hard wired lights in the Left/Center/Right with a separate RGB3C for each "bank" of Tri18X/Tri18. After all, I will have to run a stage snake for the audio, so the event won't be completely wireless anyway.

Thanks for your opinion and advice.


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