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hi, I have a small problem with mydmx5.0.

I need to map two scenes on the same button in touch, but if I open touch mapping and select the scene from control mode then when I click on touch to change page and assign it to the button it deselects it and so I can't assign it, with alt + click it works perfectly but I needed to assign two scenes to the same button in touch mode, is there a possibility to do this? Am I doing something wrong?

thanks for your attention, otherwise of the software works perfectly.


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I heard back early this morning, there are two options.

2 different scenes mapped to 1 Touch button:

This one should be fairly straight forward. Create a Touch button, then open Touch mappings. Select the first scene, hold CMD or CTRL and select the second scene, trigger the Touch button. Alternatively, you can map both scenes to the same button one after the other. It is worth noting however that the release types of these scenes may cancel each other out, in which case the last mapped scene will take highest priority.

1 specific scene mapped to 2 Touch buttons:

To do this, you will first need to map a scene to a Touch button. Then, you can keep the Touch mappings screen open, right click on the same scene and press 'Duplicate'. You will now see a second mapping appear identical to the first. You can now trigger a new Touch button to map the scene to the second Touch button.

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