Just got some new M3Ds and have a question.

The tonearm seems to wiggle when I'm scratching, mainly on back and forth scratches.

Like, when I'm pushing the record, the tonearm pushes on the inside of the record. When I pull, the tonearm goes toward the outside. When going back and forth, like with a baby or a scribble, the tonearm wiggles back and forth.

When watching videos and seeing pretty high-tone DJs, the tonearm looks rock solid. So I'm wondering if I perhaps set something up wrong, or if this is just the way it is.

The record doesn't really skip, so it's not that much of a problem. In fact, the tables themselves are amazing. So much more solid than my old ******s.

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I go to every DJ convention on Earth and have never heard that term(My Bad I guess).
Now on to your problem, is the tone arm solid coming out from the Balance bar in the rear? Does the whole tone arm move or is it just the Cartrige? Lots of variables here so lots to think about, are they new ones or used ones? Parts are available everywhere for those things you know. PSSL has a 1200 parts section. Big Grin Big Grin
OOPS, just reread your post and they are, NEW? Take them back... Eeker
Not the dancing ones!!!!!

Jayfro calling a very highly respected man that you don't know "Mr. Strunk and White" isn't really that great a way to find answers fo shizzle my nizzle. . . .oh and if you're having a problem with an MK3, why not contact those who developed and manufacture them. . . . Panasonic ~ Technics. . .

I don't go to DJ conventions much, but a quick search on Google reveals

Maybe not widely accepted, but I've never had anyone balk at me calling them M3Ds. Whatev, it's all good.

Thanks for the info. Tonearm's pretty solid coming out of the rear. Yeah, it's the whole tonearm that wiggles.

If you don't mind, next time you're on your decks can you do a baby scratch motion and just see if the arm moves at all?

It's very slight, and the needle doesn't really skip. I'm thinking now it's just the way they are.

In fact, I'm amazed how solid these are compared to my old Gems. I'm used to being so soft on the record that I have to actually try to make the needle jump. And I can cue, rewind, and scratch 45s while touching the record, and not the slipmat. Crucial, seen!


Strunk and White were bada*ses, and John dissed first. It's all in good fun, anyhow, at least from my end, and I'm guessing from J's, too. I don't think a "highly respected man" would maliciously call out a Technics newbie looking for help and info.

And on the contacting Technics front: I'm heading down different avenues, asking different people, as I m not sure yet it's a problem.

Ok ok, I miss understood you. I thought by your emoticon you were making fun. But now I see that you're mad Mad .

Even if you were poking fun, it wouldn't warrant what this has become. I retreat from all argument, tail between my legs.

My humblest apologies.

Thanks for the help.

Originally posted by JayFro:
them M3Ds. Whatev, it's all good.

Thanks for the info. Tonearm's pretty solid coming out of the rear. Yeah, it's the whole tonearm that wiggles.


The wiggle you speak of can be easily fixed. Look an the top of the tone arm assembly and you shall a small screw. This screw is used to keep the tone arm in place when it is going back and forth. Anyways, sometimes this screw can get loose. now what you do is first balance the cartridge. So the tonearm is floating. Then slowly tighten the screw until the tonearm isnt wiggling anymore. YOu can check this by just grabbing the tonearm and wiggling it back and forth. DONT tighten it too much or else you'll notice that the tone arm will start floating back to the arm rest. After you tighten the screw just tight enough so that it doesnt wobble and still resting in a neutral position - there is another screw you have to tighten. The are actually two separate screws in that little thing. You should see a little outer ring to the little flat head screw. It should have two slits on it. Use a small screwdrive and light push on this outside screw until it is tight.

I understand that might be a little hard for some to understand, send me an email at jackie@trackiepro.com if u need more help. Ive had the same problem.

clip: are you making fun of techs cuz it's made by panasonic?

Wink Wink
I am not mad at anyone Wink And I may have never heard that term because there is not much reason anyone would be discussing Te****** 1200 with me, knowing who I am. If you bought a pair and they both do the same thing, then i would assume that is the way they are made. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I do not dis anyone, anything, or any other companys stuff, because I do not have the time or energy for all of that negativity in MY LIFE. Keep it positive, keep it real. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Peace JB
Is correct with the fix for the tone arms wiggle,
My concern is how they got that way. Usally that only happens after that rear Tonearm assembly has been hit hard by the case or something was dropped on them. The pivot screws have smashed the tiny bearings enclosed in the crushed aluminum housing and are now loose(this also applies to the side bearings). The second problem may be the "tone arm height lock" is not in the locked position (also Common)so the arm will also wiggle till locked.

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Originally posted by Jackie:

clip: are you making fun of techs cuz it's made by panasonic?

Wink Wink [/qb]

Negative,not poking fun at anyone.! Panasonic happens to be one of my favorite electronic companies, it's just a tidbit of info that not many people know. . . . .I find it kind of interesting myself. . . .

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