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hi evryone i was recently looking up on some info about my american audio HTD 4.5's.....when to my.....
ive discovered...C*i*t*r*o*n*i*c...a brand i've neva used.......well i wanna show you guys at american dj forums sumthing i found to be VERY following scenes are of graphic & explicit lock up your kids and lock all the doors & windows before viewing these pics....i think im entitled to answears!!! ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!

[IMG] [/IMG]

now i know what yall thinking.....WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???!!......WHY ARE THESE PICS DEFACING AMERICAN AUDIO???.....well THAT my friends "Is Ze question" indeed. no punn intended to american audio!!!
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ohh what the stanton have these decks..lmao alot of companys are gtting there gear made in the same factory....i always suspected certain products came from teh same i said..conspiracy all the way.....i think american audio should find another factory or sumthing...cause that patient pending on the all new and handy dandy scratch pad on the cdi-500 just flew out with the all the other companys...evan though i would still like to own a pair of cdi-500's......i wanna play with em first see if the feels right for me.....other wise....the dark side it is for me with cd decks all i can say is cdj-800 if cdi-500 fail on me
Well, I guess imitation is the best form of flattery. I think that the factory made a deal with these importers. They are not allowed to sell these in the USA. Also, while these units look similar, they do not perform the same. American Audio DJ's and engineers work closely with our manufacturing partners to insure top performance. This is proprietary software that the other units do not have. It looks like they do share some plastic parts and sheet metal.

We have had these model out for about a year and with all of your support in American DJ/ American Audio, they continue to increase market share.
well at least i brought the attention of the administrator lol, it's pretty good to see thatamerican audio products released so frequently, evrytime i go into shop...theres a new player or cd deck very good work AA! ove owned nerely all your products, and i have neva had issies with them, ever....full stop.

Is there a possibility of AA changing there factorys and trying out other technology with other factory manufactorers? as you know from different manufacterers comes different possabilities of technology integration of AA products. just a thought, im sure AA make the right decisions.
i would like to know how is it that s*t*a*n*t*o*n, C*i*t*r*o*n*i*C, and american audio share the same products, i know when i'm choosing a new deck or cd player i dont want me gear to be having identity crisis, when someone else brings there gear ova and its labeled "other company" on the side, nerely all ther american audio dj gear has been cloned by these 2 other companys. by the way does annyone know the pitch steping of the htd 4.5 its not (0.5%) is it?
you mean to tell me the pitch on my decks are like, ..umm 0% like 100% acurate? what another thing i want to know is, iv eused 1200's before and they were a ****load harder to match bpm's than these decks but i just had to get used to these...but i neva could get the feel of 1200's no matter how much i used might be because they have 8% pitch and i'm used to 10% i though th epitch slider on the 1200 is same at htd, but only 8% thus rendering it easyer to lock into beat of the other track. im going to my local american audio dealer today for a test run of the new cdi and 1000's gonna take some cd's with me and test run these baby's.
im talking about the pitch stepping, skillz, and nice to talk to ya also. and ive just organized to get the cdi-500's and QD-5 in roadcase pack with 2 TT cases for my shiny new HTD's, no wi feel kinda !!MANLY!!, skillz do you know if we get those american audio headphones in the pack here in australia cause i was told that im getting some other "clone" of american audio headphone called "OKAY"? very odd, ohh what can i do about my scratched paint job on my htd's can you find out what the code or color is of that black metalic paint on them please? i hate scratches on my new gear....dont we all.


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