Well I played with the PS2 enough to get comfy with it and learn some tricks and am in the process of getting my newest custom case put together, I decided to put the PS2 aside for a few days, though it pained me to do so, to play with another fine piece of machinery. The American Audio Power Drive 2.2 direct drive turntable. For those of you that want the quality of a high torque motor and all that technics has brought to the table over the years, but don't want to spend the high price. This is the turntable for you.
Here are the main ingredients that make this turntable stand out in my opinion. All of these features come standard and do not have to be added on as after market improvements:

- +/- 10%/20% pitch range - at the press of a button.

- Quartz lock - locks the pitch at 0% no matter where the tempo slider is positioned.

-33, 45, and even 78 rpm is attainable by depressing both the 33 and 45 buttons simultaneously.

-Foward and Reverse platter direction at the touch of a button, not by double clicking the start button as it was in the old days. . . .

This table clearly brings out the best enhancements in the world of analog turntables, for those die hards that will never let go of thier vinyl collection, and want a turntable with all these features standard at an affordable price this is the one for you.
And that blue light by the power switch . . . . . It's just cool!
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John I do have a small question though, I need a new cartridge, I have a rather old orofon sitting here, and it's great and all but I think I should pick up some new cartridges, do either you or Skilzie have and suggestions?
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[qb]Nice! Wallet-friendly! Big Grin


You have no idea, for what you are getting, this is an unbeatable deal, one of the many reasons why American Audio will be on top for years to come.
Clip, just get a banana or other ortofon stylus. The entire Ortofon line (and this includes the Banana since it is made by Ortofon) has the same guts, so to speak, so you can just get a better model stylus for your cart. I dont know if Im allowed to mention specific models of ortofon needles on here, as the banana is made by them but its a different company, so if you give the ok I can point you in the right direction. Big Grin
as I told you S.K.I.L.Z.I.E. (lol) if i get to be clip chewey chow, clippy, chewey, clippy chow etc . . . you get to be skilzie or skilzito!~
Here is not the place to ask, as you will only get an american dj product recomendation. Im going to go out on a limb though and say the forum approach to recomendations, as Clipuptags is there often) is the best needle Ive found as far as holding ability and sound, and it is also quite gentle on wax. Happy scratching.
It just all depends on the DJ! Every Dj has his/her own style, and prefers different type of needles for there style of DJ'ing. It's no top secret, we all know this. I Personally use the Banana's for everything i do because i see nothing wrong with these needles. There good for scratching, and mixing, and they hold very well. This is just my personal prefrence! Thanks Smiler
One bonus of the Banana is that it can accept any of the Ortofon styli, so if you want a different sound, better holding, etc, you can always get the best replacement stylus for your style of mixing.
Why not upgrade? There are more good quality cheap(er) needles on the market than ever before, and while you wont get a great sounding needle for $30, I can name a couple that at least are decent holding and not tooooo harsh on wax.
I personally think the Powerdrive 2.2 turntables are 1 of the best turntables ever made,,they are Amazing..they compete with the techs..very well..there great tables..

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Originally posted by Professorbx:
[qb]Why not upgrade? There are more good quality cheap(er) needles on the market than ever before, and while you wont get a great sounding needle for $30, I can name a couple that at least are decent holding and not tooooo harsh on wax.

Yo thanks for the help, but I won't be fusing Vinyl with my cd set anytime soon. I'm still looking around for a job. Wink

I was bummed out that there wasn't a store demo of the Power Drive or the PS2 at %^&*@ C#$%^$. Although I did see the PS2 for sale there! I just have to wait on it a little longer...Im outta cash Big Grin


You live in Vegas,, why don't you go to Limelite DJ Supply, they have it there in stock ! For you to play with and Look at !

Hey guys. Any advice I can get would be awesome. I have a power drive 2.2. It's missing the the whole needle assembly and the weight. Where can I purchase these parts? I'm in Australia so hopefully they are easy to purchase online. Thanks In advance for any help or links. Cheers 

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