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I have a band and we'd like to get a strobe that can be triggered by the snare drum. Whenever the drummer hits the snare (and only the snare), the strobe will flash. If he does a roll, then the strobe would put out a burst of light.

The idea is to have this lighting effect continue throughout the whole performance. Eventually, we'd probably want to add more strobes to fire in unison with the one triggered by the snare.

Is this possible, and if so, what equipment would be necessary to accomplish it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks . . .
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Hi Johnny and welcome to the forums.

The only way I can think of this working is you find a strobe that has a standalone audio mode, most likely an LED can of some sort. I would then get a speaker and put it directly behind the fixture where the mic input is and only send then snare mic to it. This should work, however the mic on the fixture might pick up other noises as well unfortunately.
I got a better idea.

Attach a trigger to the snare, sent that to the brain, and then have the MIDI trigger it via MyDMX.

Short of that, you can take a side-chain on a gate off the split insert out(in case you do need to insert). You can then use the sidechain out to then trigger a trigger to MIDI converter(a drum brain) and then do the same thing that way. Kinda cludgy but works good.

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