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  I just purchased my first moving head lights, 2 ADJ Stinger Spots.  I use QLC+ to control them.  When I don't have them hooked up to DMX, I can put them in sound activated mode, make one the master and one the slave and they follow each other perfectly.  I'm trying to get this same effect via DMX.  There is a DMX command to put them into sound activated mode, but when I do this, they each do their own thing.  I'd like them to follow each other as they do when DMX isn't connected.  I've tried:

a) Setting the DMX address of both to 1 and using QLC to put them into sound activated mode.  They both go into sound activated mode but don't follow each other.  I ensured one was set to master, and one set to slave but they don't seem to obey this when connected via DMX.

b) Tried setting the DMX address of one to 1 and the other to 10.  Used QLC to put them into sound activated mode...same results.  They are sound activated but don't follow each other.

c) Setting them both to Channel 1, making one the master, one the slave, putting master into sound activated mode then using DMX to reset the slave.  Same results.

Is it possible to use DMX to put them into sound activated master/slave mode?

Secondary question- I'm pretty new to DMX.  If I want to use DMX to program the lights to follow each other, is there a difference in leaving both lights set at Channel 1 or having them be on different channels and just program them the same?


-Andrew Romero

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