Thanks again for extending your hospitality. It was great to meet you and "Mrs. Ray". "Mrs. Billabong" said it was scary how similar we were, like twins seperated at birth. I told her, "Great minds think alike." Smiler You guys are always welcome at our house. Mi casa is su casa!

The wedding show setup was HUGE! I wish we could have come back to see it in action.

And, the pizza wasn't bad, even though it was from Penn's Woods. Big Grin

Rest of the board and ADJ, Stevie Ray is wonderful person. Great personality, very friendly, and most impressive on the wheels of steel. It's always cool to meeting members face to face. And Stevie Ray is one cool dude. Cool
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Thanks for the kind words....kid. Wink

And as for the simularties.

Both DJ...duh.
We both work on large networks full time.
Both have/had a PC business.
We love the same movies.
Both just about the same age.
Both collect video game systems.
Both are into medevil.
Both like to ski.
Bill, his wife, my wife, and I all drive SUV's.
Both have wonderful wives, who also share alot of simularities.
Both have the same tastes in old-school music, and newer club music.
And last but not least. He lives in NY, and I was there working last weekend, and I live in PA, and he was here visiting this weekend.

Erie, isn't it. Bill's a great guy as well, and I am proud to call him my friend. I wished he lived closer, we would probably be inseperable like twins. Big Grin Actually if we were to compare to the movie twins, I think I would be like the Arnold Schwartzenager character, and Bill would be Danny Devito. Razzer Of course I'm just kidding.

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