Hey guys. So back in the early 2000s I was a die hard turntsblist, winning the local DMC, and competing in all the local battles. My old setup was two G3mini 500s,and a Vestax 06, until winning the DMC gave me the Technics mixer.

Anyways, I have put together a bit of money and want to start back up in my bedroom, this time using a DVS system. I have basically 0 experience on either Serato or Traktor. For right now I want a new mixer, and the DVS system. Can both systems handle everything I can throw at them? Ie. Intense beat juggles, including power on/off, 45rpm juggles, pitch manipulation, and heavy scratching?

I also would ideally like to be able to loop and layer on the fly.

I would just like opinions on everything from the DVS, to the mixer/integration, to the faders. (I scratch hamster, and the on the fly reversal is mandatory, as well as a buttery fader. I haven't tried innofader or pioneers 909 fader, but I have tried the rane faders which are very nice, but I am coming from the old Vestax fader which would bleed, and my knobs all wore out or broke.

So would it be better to get like a 909 and then traktor a10, or an all in one like the z2,or go the rane/Serato route? Can I use a rane 57 with traktor? A 909 with Serato? Pros and cons?

Also what needles/cartridges are everyone using these days, I used to swear by the big square shure ones.
Thanks a lot!
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Traktor and Serato are very similar.
The z2 is great. As is the new rane mixer with SL. A Traktor or Serato box would work with any mixer but there's more to set up and you lose the cue buttons Etc that work with the software.

The innofader is a game changer. I have one in my 06. I still rock sure m477s.

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