Every time when i start mydmx 3, all the HQ 250 space lights are set to the left. Every program i made, its set to the left. The other programs wont work propaly. First i have to set every program ok, then it works again. I safe it.

When i restart mydmx 3 its all wrong again, all to the left. Why??

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Hi, welcome. do you have all of your scenes that contain pan and tilt positions set to this certain position? If the default scenes doesn't have PT position it will run that first. 
but maybe you can send me your show file and i can take a look. 

Thnx for the fast replay and sorry for my bad english.

As i know there is no fixture that have that position.

I wil upload the file tomorow..

Thank you for the help.

i looked at your show file and it looks like the 2x Wash movers aren't programmed into any of the scenes for their Pan and tilt. There's colors in there, but only one scene or two had a PT channel fader in use.. 

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