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I don't know if you are familiar with the Elation Stage Color, Color MIxing Par CAn. Anyway, I am doing a concert with 8 if these Stage Colors as well as 4 intelligent moving head effects (sorry not adj!). Thses cans are awesome, with a flick of a switch (so to speak) you can change a red into a dark blue all in the same can. This is great because you can sync all of the so they all do the samething, and you don;t have to qorry about changing gels in the middle of a show, plus they are really bright. I mean really bright. We are aso using a ADJ Hazer ( i have not had the gretest of luck with fog) so the concert should be awesome! So I guess what I am trying to say is...Elation and ADJ keep up the good work!

-DJ-AMProductions Big Grin
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Originally posted by Dj Madness:
[qb]Yeah, those things are awesome. CMY color mixink is sweet. Do they have discharge bulbs?[/qb]

it dosen't have CMY color mixing but it has; � R,G,B, Color Mixing system
� Built in Dimmer
� 0-100% Dimming
� Digital display

and i think they do have discharge bulbs but am not to sure Confused

dj steph Cool
Originally posted by MEGASTEVER:
[qb]the Show Cue would be awesome[/qb]

You are right. I would love to operate this concert's light show with the show cue, but it has not been released yet. I have no idea when it is supposed to be released. I am pretty sure I am using an Elation controller that has a joystick built into it. I will have to do some research.


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