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Dear ADJ Crew,

I sincerly need a Fixture profile for these new moving heads (Riukoe B-Eye 1940). See manual in the attachments. Would be really great if someone can make me a profile/ssl for this one in MyDMXGO / Lightrider.
Many thanks in advance!


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Hi, these aren't exactly the full details we ask for to make profiles for, so all i can offer is to try to help you search and try the _varied library as that's where we put all of the "unbranded" profiles.
So, in _varied for the wash zoom fixture, look for DJ World LED 36x18W RGBWA+UV Zoom Light

Then if you search also in the _varied area for 230W 7R Beam there should be three options that you'll see that you can try.

Otherwise we need to see the fully detailed DMX charts.

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