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Can someone verify that the VMS4 has split-ear cueing feature?

When I pre-cue a track, I want to be able to hear the upcoming track in one ear while the master track on other ear. I don't want them to be mashed up/mixed in stereo together when the Cue/Master knob in the center position.

This used to be a standard feature on all the old analog mixers but none the digital controllers I've played with include such feature.

When two tracks are mashed together in stereo, it's really hard to tell if the beats are matched or not (even with the sync feature of Virtual DJ).

Any help would be appreciated. This would be the KEY reason why I would buy the VMS4.
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Well.. since no one replied.. I opened up my VSM4 and found out the split cueing does NOT work. The two sources are still being mashed together in stereo.

This is the single MOST important reason I bought this unit in the first place. I guess it's going to be returned tomorrow.
It doesn't really matter which source goes to which ear, it's matter of personal preference... as long as the two sources are SEPARATE on two different ears, not on top of each other.

On the old mixer I have, two sources are separate during cueing. As you push up the volume on the new track, the sounds are merged together on the headphone, just like the master.

On all the controllers I've played with, the two sources are ALWAYS mashed together during and after the cueing.

Now if I have Virtual DJ send its 'headphone outputs' to my computer speaker, then it's perfect!

I *could* plug my headphone into the computer speaker's headphone out but that would kill the sound from the speaker and therefore requires that I plug my headphone in and out for EACH song. That would be crazy!
I had a conversation with "Tom" at ADJ. He knows exactly what I'm talking about. He admitted that the split cue feature written on its website was probably a mistake. He said he will email the techs overseas to find out if this is something that can be updated.

It's too mad. VSM4 looks like a great mixer and the split cueing is THE ONLY reason I spent $500 on it.
Wow... small world!

On the older mixers, this feature basically splits the two sources into separate ears.

When you slowly fade in the leveler of the new song, the songs do get merged together in the headphone so you can sense the volume levels of both sources without taking off your headphone to hear the monitor or master speakers.

A lot of people I've spoken to insisted that this issue is a matter of Virtual DJ's software mapping and nothing to do with hardware itself.

Are you saying that this is actually a hardware issue, not firmware/mapping related?
I just finished a 6 hours video mixing session with the VDJPro 7.0.2 and i have to say that the controller works great... but need some higher volume output on the master and headphones more db you know ?... and the split cue function would be great, because the disco im working now has a really bad acoustics, and the split cue monitoring is necesary... i would like to see this improvement on the nex firmware update if it is possible.

Thanx American Audio guys , youre doing just fine... but a few implementations would be great and well received !


Sorry for my english but is my 3rd language so... sometimes im confused with some words !

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