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First timer here.

Would it be possible to elaborate on the following snippet? " update the myDMX software installation folder with the attached DLL file..." I ask because when I endeavor to run the decompressed executable I get a message indicating that there is a problem with a DLL file. Regrettably I don't have the file name to specify (I'll post it next time), but I do know ( I think :-|) the file is not in the update nor in the 64 bit driver folder Mr. Pickett is hosting.

One tip I have ... if you cannot get myDMX to run in USB mode, invoke the Task Manager and kill the esa... PROCESS (not application) and restart the application. Yes you must have the dongle attached.

Is there any way to validate that the USB dongle is sending a viable signal?

Will myDMX recognize any USB-DMX device other than the ADJ product?
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Download and install the latest MyDMX from the AmericanDJ web site. Then install the DLL by running the executable after decompressing the files from the ZIP archive.

You're describing otherwise mostly older issues that have been addressed by the latest version of MyDMX.

Validation? Note the lights blinking. Works MOST of the time. Boot computer with dongle disconnected. Then, before running MyDMX, plug in the dongle, wait for it to be recognized, then go have fun by launching MyDMX.

Regarding your last question: No. The MyDMX software only works with the MyDMX dongle, and vice versa.
Drop Vista 64 like the garbage that it is?

Sorry, my clients don't use Vista and nor do I due to reliability and compatibility issues. So, I unfortunately do not support Vista. I don't have it on any machine in house, and I think I have 2 machines that COULD handle the 64-bit version.

Jingls may have some additional advice on the topic. I'm merely hosting the file for the convenience of whoever needs or wants it.
Thanks again, Chris.

I have too many applications (and not enough $$ if you know what I mean ;-) ) that run as intended on my Toshiba V64 laptop to consider scrapping Vista.

Anyway, (Mr. Jingles are you here?) here's where I stand:

- myDMX installed.
- 64 bit drivers installed
- myDMX opens in both DEMO & USB mode as expected
- In USB mode the dongle's power LED is lit continuously and both the USB and DMX LEDs strobe
- Programming seems MUCH faster and reliable in DEMO mode
- At present neither DMX device tried responds correctly to myDMX in USB mode: The ADJ P64 LED does respond however any/all color value elicits a disturbing strobe effect. Color mixing and other effects seem to work (hard to tell with the fixture strobing). The can works connected to a hardware controller. The HX 700 Intellabeam (reasonably sure the fixture is 100% functional) did not respond at all.

I knew I was risking $$ going for a product not initially built for V64 but received confirmation from the seller and the eye-candy at the ADJ site that the app. was V64 compatible. Caveat emptor AND c'est la vie it seems. PERHAPS I'll have to suck it up, dump the myDMX on ebay, and go for a Sunlite product (SL2014EC) which is V64 friendly.

Any guidance would be graciously accepted.
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MyDMX even says on the web site that it is NOT 64-bit Vista compatible.
While things have changed somewhat, that may still not entirely ring true.

My suggestions:
OF course, the typical "make sure you're using a DMX cable and a terminator" thing.

Turn on computer with dongle disconnected. After boot-up, plug in dongle, wait for happy tones, then start MyDMX. It should be fine now. At least this works for me in XP Home.

Check your addressing of the fixture. Trivial, but essential. I've seen this error before.

Check to make sure you're using the right channels in MyDMX, regardless if you have a profile assigned or not. Profiles just make the fixture and MyDMX more human-friendly. I've been guilty of grabbing the wrong channel fader in MyDMX, so double check.

The dongle otherwise appears to be working properly. Just check your start-up sequence.
I am having the same problem on my 64bit vista. I bought new cables and and the termination thing. Still nothing seemed to work. I took a computer home from work that uses xp and it worked. I would say if all the lights are working on the dongle it is probably functioning properly. Not sure what we need to do to get it working in v64. But now that I know it is a 64bit issue I will keep working and let you now if I find the answer.
Hi Brent;

Thank you very much.

I believe there is one step I MAY have not tried and will be doing so later this week when I'll have time to fiddle with the issue, place the files Mr. Pickett is hosting directly in the (myDMX) folder. I am fairly sure, but not absolutely certain, I tried that work-around among the dozens of iterative attempts at getting the product to function.
Hello Jingles -

In Kitty's post below it was mentioned you intended to have a go-round with the issue in this thread upon returning from your time away. Have you been able to make anything of the issues that were encountered?

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Hi, I'm Jingles Assistant (if you will) He's out of the office today, and he told me to make sure to let ya'll know, he'll be back and reply ASAP! He passes on his Thanks for understanding
I'm wondering if the right profiles are being used as well as proper addressing.

ADJ makes a 64 LED and an 64 LED PRO, which require different sets of profiles.

I think we gotta get down and dirty.

As is known(or should be), PROFILES are NOT NECESSARY to operate MyDMX. There, said it. Profiles are required for working with the FX Generator and to make fixtures more human friendly.

What channels are you assigning to what fixtures?
Do they match in MyDMX? It's important. Some people didn't realize they have to also set the channels on the fixture as well. Channels have to match.
Are you using the right profiles? Using the wrong profile could result in considerably less than expected performance. Mainly because "well, the profile tells me this, but I see something else" is often a symptom of the wrong profile, or the wrong mode profile. As some lights have multiple profile modes, it's critical to ensure you have the right profile selected for your proper relation to the fixture. Match those channels up.

It's entirely possible that your jumping ship won't address the issue. Gotta make sure the troubleshooting is done.

The description is that the dongle is behaving as it should.
the DLL error seems like it is missing the DLL file. In the files that you should have downloaded from the chris's website is a .EXe file and a .DLL file. you need to uncompress the .zip folder and drag and drop the .exe and the .DLL file into the my dmx folder, let it copy over the existing ones and you should be good to go. Let me know.

I'll try to be concise, but likely not succeed.

  • The DLL error pic above indicates a problem with "DllOem.dll", the DLL file that Chris (Thanks Chris!) is hosting is "winusb.dll"
  • I finally had the opportunity to move the files (myDMX.exe & winusb.dll into the myDMX(myDMX) folder.
  • It was observed that the target of the desktop shortcut and the Start Menu shortcut is an executable file entitled "esa.exe"
  • I made changes to to the shortcuts and the application myDMX (myDMX.exe) now launches instead of esa.exe.
  • After re-booting the PC with the dongle attached only to the PC I then connected the dongle to an NSI DM 5000 dimmer pack, dmx dipswitches set for addresses 1-4 (all at zero). Then invoked the myDMX application. LED status: Power, ON; USB, strobing; DMX strobing.
  • Without any profile I tried moving the faders for all 4 channels, no predictable activity was observed. Every PAR 64 incandescent can attached to the dimmer went full on without any dimming occurring. At least it wasn't strobing!

Guidance will be appreciated.
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I think you have messed it up quite a bit and should start over. do a uninstall. Then a new install from website then DRAG and DROO the files you download from chris's website AFTER you extract to the desk top the individual files (should only be two of them), then move them into the my DMX folder. If it asks to save over click ok to confirm. If you still need help go to and download there and join up then send me an email with a time in central time and i will do it for you on your computer through crossloop.
Jingles, Chris and anyone else lurking;

Thank you very much!! Your time and efforts were very much appreciated.

I still don't have a functional myDMX as I have moved on to a package that took me 40 minutes from unboxing to making a moving head move under Vista 64, including AC & DMX cable connecting. I may continue to toy with myDMX when time permits.

Thanks again for your time and valiant efforts!


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