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I have several chauvet lights and an ADJ strobe that I am using with the MYDMX Go. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and it works smoothly for controlling my chauvet Intimidator spot lights and my Slim Par 56's. 

The issue I have is with my two chauvet mini kinta IRC lights and my swarm FX. They will not respond to any  commands given from the live screen. The only way I can get them to do anything is through the "Fixtures" screen. If I set the fixture fader, the light responds without issue, but then it stays like that and I have to go back to the fixtures screen to turn it off. Any work around or fix?

The other light I have is an ADJ Mega Flash 1000 W strobe light that I have had for a long time. This light responds to commands and will strobe and turn off when I use the strobe button, however, when the strobe is supposed to be "Off" it still flashes like once every 3 to 4 seconds with a single flash. If you watch the fixtures screen, you see the fader jump randomly every few seconds and setting the light off. Is there any way to correct this?

The rest of my lights work as expected. 

Thanks for any help.

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I have the same issue with one of my led par cans, out of 16 pars, they all work fine in live mode except one light, but that light works in fixture mode with no issue, they are older lights so I am assuming something is wrong with that light fixture itself and not the program, I ordered new components for the light and plan to swap them out to see if this fixes the issues, will update when I try it. I am thinking maybe the older lighting fixtures don't work as well with this new program, but I have no confirmation on that until I try the new components in the light.

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Hi, also i have this colors issue with my lights On MYDMX GO my (ADJ Inno pocket Spot pearl) and the (Chauvet Intimidator spot 110) they move any way i want,  but when i try to change the color in raibow mode or disco mode nothing happend also i try manually pressing the color selection mode and no respond from the controller

if i go to the FIXTURE then i can turn ON the lights using the fades but that is not what i want!

someone can help me for this situation.

Hello, so color wheel moving heads will work different from regular color LED lights as they will only use the first color that is selected. If you have multiple colors selected on the color wheel what ever color is first will be the color it displays, if you deselect that color the second color will then be displayed. What you will need to do is have no colors selected and the color wheel will allow for all the colors to show.

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