Hi, recently acquied a MyDMX 3 to test and am installing the software.  I downloaded the package, unzipped it, and started the install.  It is running incredibly sloq installing the SSL files.  I started Tuesday night, with the machine on and running most of the time I am currently sitting at 3%,  This can't be normal?  Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue?  This is on w10.



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Hi, no the SSL library is downloaded from the internet via a server to ensure all the latest profiles are included and installed that way, it can take several minutes to install, but nothing like that, i would check to make sure you are connected to a good internet connection and then re-install the software. 
Let me know how it goes.

Hi, there's no way it should take even more than 5 minutes. Are you using it on a Mac or Windows, and which version (IE, win 7,8,10, Mac OS 10.10, or 10.9? etc)? Please give me more details about the computer and the exact release date you downloaded from our website, i will try to test this. 

Just killed the install, deleted the diretory and all files, downloaded the zip again, unzipped to desktop and started again.  Watching performance , CPU is about 10%, memory is 51%, network is mostly unused excet with a spike every 15-20 seconds which somewhat matches the cadence that the SSL files are added in the details window of the installer.  Wondering if my AV is causing issues...

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