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We have recently purchased two mydmx buddys. One of our venues needs a soft patch. Otherwise we will have our 8 socket LX bar 1 controlled by faders 1 to 6 then faders 19 and 20 for the last two sockets. This is caused by 3 phase dimmers with only 6 channels and not having more that one phase per bar.

So: Is there a way to setup a soft patch in MyDMX 2.1?

Ch 1 to 6 to control DMX out 1 to 6. Ch7 and 8 to control DMX out 19 and 20.

There are other LX bars that need this treatment, but you get the idea.

Think that makes sense? 

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I really can't think of anything that does that off-hand. I think MAYBE the old Compu Live software did that, as i remember it had a channel offset function. If you have a MyDMX device that can be upgraded through the, that would be the suite 1 software in the list of applications. Or If you are on Facebook, i'd join this group and ask the pros what they know of that will do it. 

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