Thank you all for the kind words. Sorry that the Video Cut out early. The guy that was Video Taping my set ran out of tape. ( MY LUCK )
There is going to be another short Video Clip coming up pretty soon.


The last song i was playing was the Instrumental of the Planet Rock beat.


My website will be up in a few weeks. I will post it's grand opening when ready.

Unknown DJ

Thanks for the complements. If you haven't heard i am no longer at the RIO, and now touring Full Time with American Audio. Which is amazing for me. And Yes Practice is the KEY. By the way " I just love your name " Smiler

Keep an eye out for new video Releases!

Unfortunatly I am not in the distance of getting Cable Modem, or DSL. They say i live to far away to recieve that type of internet speed, so which means i am running on 56k for now, untill they upgrade my area, so if i were to try to upload one of my long mixes to you.. it will take 5 days. lol

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