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a friend of mine has 4 simple scan lights in his bar and the only time he can get them to work is if he unplugs the remote and all the cables that connect the 4 together does anyone know what could be causing this. the little light on the remote lights up red but it doesnt do anythign could it just be the remote or is it something bigger? thanks
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thanks . we haven't dove into it a whoe bunch yet because he does have on with a burnt light so he is waiting to get the new light in and we need to get in the attic to check the cables my opinion is the whole system needs new wiresbecasue i have a feeling the mice have eaten the cables because some of the speakers arent getting power either
Try this:

If you're going to run all new cable, run plastic conduit. Also, get an exterminator. I had a rodent problem a while ago and while I was busy killing them(yes, I had to beat a few to a pulp that the traps and bait wouln't nail), the rest of the time I was random and entering the garage and making noise and turning on and off lights and doing other abusive behavior to keep the critters at bay and too scared to wreck my stuff.

2: Bypass the remote entirely. Since the fixtures are probably a little exposed, run fresh cabling, even if microphone cabling for testing purposes. That would rule out the cable.

I don't even want to get into further troubleshooting. I find clubs to be havens of neglect. If it ain't broke, uh, we'll break it eventually seems to be the rule.

Stages. Test logically. Test remote to 1 fixture. Repeat to each. This ensures the remote is either good or bad. Once working, attach that ONE "master" to a second via a cable. Move that cable to each other fixture. Make sure this works. Now put that cable to where it needs to be "permanently" and repeat by testing to the other two(one at a time). After three are wired, there's only one thing left to do. At this point, it should all be fine.

Conduit, kill the critters and protect what you can as much as you can. Mics can cause fires. Trust your gut, you can save a life and a business.

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