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I'm new to this forum, so I hope someone is able to help me out.

Yesterday my new scanner arrived, the Showtec 4-1 Inversion.

I'm trying to make it work in MyDmx2.1 trough MyDmxBuddy.

Some issues occured;

- When opening the scene maker, there are two white dots, I'll expected four... for every light/mirror.

- When I want to light to follow a pattern, just 1 light is doing it's thing, the other 3 will do nothing and stay still.

I thought that the problem was in the Scanlibrary editor, as it says that the Inversion has 2 bundels.. so I changed it to 4.

But now I'm unable to save the changes because the program keeps saying; shutter open preset missing. 

Pleaseeee help this dutchie out of trouble


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