Hello, there greeting from France,  I have watch this video

and I got mydmx 3.0 that I got with the Non-wireless ADJ midi device. 

I wanted to know how to upgrade to have a show Tab option on, and how to use it. From what i understand , it can be used with an ipad or straight on the computer. You can then buy the wireless device/box, or use a router and connect your ipad and computer through it, kind of a hadoc connection, between two devices, except you need a router.

Stop if I am wrong, by my question, is what upgrades do I need, in order to make this work, without use of an Ipad, as apparently I can still use the Show Tab straight from the computer. Where could I find these options.

Second, What are all the option I need if I want to use it on an Ipad? like, how can i connect them, which hardware and software updgrade i need to purchase in order to make it work together, as I saw as well there two options as apps on Ipad.

Thanks for your time if you have read the whole thing, excuse me in advance for my english, as I am French. Regards

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