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Old Show Designer:
Very important, need help! I've created a timed chase to cycle my hazers from on for 10 seconds, to off for a minute (which I've figured out, and it works great.)
Problem: I want to change scenes manually for live bands, but want the timed hazer chase to keep running while I change the scenes. But when I change a scene, the chase is turned off!!! This seems odd to me, because none of the scenes have the hazers included in them (or that could be the problem). Aren't chases stand alone from scenes?????
Is there a way to run my hazer chase, while changing scenes?? This is very important, please respond, all comments / ideas welcome. Please get back to me, I have a ton of shows to do.....
Original Post
Give this a shot:

Go into 'Fixtures' and select only the hazers' fixture numbers (no other fixtures). Then, go in and start the hazers' chase you created. Go back into 'Fixtures' and de-select the hazers. Then, select only the fixtures you want to operate with the scenes. That should set the hazers on auto-pilot and allow you to work with the regular fixtures without any other input affecting them.

See if that works. Let us know.


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