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Is there any easy way to scroll sideways in edit mode without having to grab the slider tab or click on the left/right arrows that flank it? It would be a great feature to be able to scroll sideways to reach unseen faders by simply rolling the mouse wheel or pressing the left/right cursor buttons on the keyboard.
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I have made changes to values in MyDMX using the scrolling wheel, but I haven't tried a mouse that also supports side scrolling. I use a MacBook Pro and an Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Pad, but neither are fully supported in the Windows environment.

Another thing I would be concerned about is that sometimes rapid scrolling will leave little artifacts in your programming by leaving values all over the place. You may wish to explore getting a USB MIDI controller to help with some of this. It may be more practical.
Thanks, guys, for your near-immediate response!

It doesn't have to be the scroll-wheel on a mouse...just anything that's quicker and more intuitive than having to zero-in a cursor pointer on the slider tab or the tiny direction buttons, make changes, then have to zero-in again on the appropriate fader.

I'm getting used to the great keyboard shortcut controls that allow immediate positioning of an individual fixture's pan/tilt, along with multiple simultaneous selections. My larger setups use dozens of different fixtures, though, and it sure would be nice to have a simple way to zip quickly across the fader bank to access them all.

I tell you what...I recently bought a PreSonus FaderPort (USB/MIDI external fader) for use with my DAW software and to lend a better hands-on feel. The FaderPort has a vertical fader and a rotary "pan" encoder, along with several function buttons. It would be AWESOME if I could use the rotary encoder to scroll across the myDMX fader bank, then use the fader to adjust whatever myDMX fader I select. Is something like this possible with myDMX's capabilities?
I don't know much about the Faderport. I saw it in a magazine, thought it was a nice concept, but not something I was willing to spend money on, as I have my eyes on a Digi003 surface(not rack) unit, as well as a Tascam X48.

To the best of my knowledge, no. I'm not sure how you'd go about assigning the FaderPort's fader to a channel, but that's really not the issue. I'm sure the fader can be re-assigned on the fly, and then you can use the fader where needed, and IF it installs a a MIDI device(not an audio device), you should be OK.

But this scrolling to a fader/channel stuff, no that's not supported. If it's supported in Windows via an input device that works as an OS/APP IO unit(not really software specific), then perhaps. You also have to accept a lot of limitations in the implementation of MIDI into the MyDMX product. I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing. You just can't have it all in a low-cost package like MyDMX.

It almost sounds like you might actually need a more beefed up product, perhaps Compu Live? After I get used to Compu Show, I'm gonna slum it a bit and learn Compu Live as well. That isn't to say I don't like MyDMX, I do and it has tons of use for me still. I'm just finding that with the software control(as you will find too), the advanced capabilities will end up helping you nail better jobs. It's win-win all around.
Thanks, Chris. No doubt...I'll eventually outgrow myDMX, though I don't think I'm there yet. I just have ideas for making the software more intuitive that are beyond its capability.

Whenever I do upgrade, I'll really need to try the new software for a good while. I've checked out several programs, and while myDMX is fairly easy to learn, ShowExpress and some others I tried seemed like they were written by aliens. They had steep learning curves for even simple tasks and didn't seem to be written with intuitive logic. I'm not sure about CompuLive...maybe it's better...
Well, let me say this:

I haven't outgrown MyDMX completely, as it still has plenty of life left in it. I'm just working on more complex stuff.

I made the jump to Compu Show, which has similarities, but overall, is an entirely different beast. I am rather pleased with my progress considering I'm so far not needing help. Plus, I'm a sound guy, not a lighting guy. The learning curve is high and it's not all intuitive at all until you sort of "cross that bridge" and then it starts to fall into place.

I'm not even checking out non ADJ or non-Elation products. It's easier for me that way.

Of course, "better" can also be subjective. What may be better for one person may not be better for another.

I wouldn't bother worrying about making MyDMX better. It's not going to happen. I mean, they'll make it better from a standpoint of fixing bugs and making things work that were supposed to work in the first place but aren't working right. As far as adding features and additional functionality, it simply isn't going to happen. It's part of the reason why the price is able to be so affordable. This isn't to say your ideas don't have merit though.
Yes. Chris has been making good progress on compu show.
Let me also add more to chris statement about my dmx. My dmx was never meant to be a software with constant updates or added features down the line. It does what it was designed to do. Nothing more nothing less. Our R&D dept. And myself have spoken with the developers about adding features and there just isn't a way we can in a cost effective method. My dmx is a strong beginner lighting control software package at a very low price.
If you ever decide to try out compu live or compu show (I personally suggest compu show) we can still help you out.
Not to distract from the MyDMX product, but I can't wait to try out Compu Show in a live environment.

MyDMX has a lot of strengths in a DJ-type environment, where a DJ often has their hands tied up cueing tracks, running FX and a few other things, they don't have time to fumble around looking for lighting scenes. Press a button and it goes. Also, if you set up your shows logically, then even a non-trained person can easily step in and at least get something going. For example at one rave, I gave training to one of the DJ's, and it took all of 30 seconds: "Here's your screen, press buttons that sound cool. Oh, and here's the controller, these 3 control those things on the truss and only one at a time." They had NO problems all night. Now that I truly know what they want, they don't even have to mess with it anymore. However, after 5 or 6 shows with them, you learn their needs.

Similarly, in a band situation, especially a band having to do their own sound and lights, again, no mucking about with multiple clicks with MyDMX: one press and you're good.

Scaled back? Well, after playing with Compu Show, yeah, it's scaled back. But, scaled back or however you want to look at the MyDMX product, it still packs a TON of stuff in there. There's no arguing that. But I can't comment about competitive products because quite frankly, I haven't looked myself and honestly, I don't give a crap. I'm quite happy with the MyDMX product. I have heard of FREE software packages that can work with inexpensive pre-made or kit dongles, but then there's no real support base and you're totally on your own.

With creativity, I managed to create an almost 2 hour lighting show design for a shadowcast production. But, MyDMX is not the right product for this job, despite the fact I did a fantastic job with MyDMX.

MyDMX may be oriented as an intro package or even a beginniner package. The price supports that type of marketting. There's way more in that software if you're willing to look and learn and be creative. What you pay vs. what you get, there's nothing that can touch in as far as commercially available products are concerned.

Even though I'm outgrowing MyDMX, I'm not getting away from it. Should I need to do quick shows, that's my goto platform for now. If I can get an assistant to run my lights, with almost no training, they at least have some workable stuff to start with.

Again, after I learn Compu Show, I'll take a hop backwards and learn Compu Live. The more I can know, the better I can determine my needs and what is the ideal products I should be purchasing and using. Maybe MyDMX is for DJ type events and raves, I use Compu Live for concerts and Compu Show for intense productions. It's nice to have choices! Yeah, it ain't cheap, but if I'm spending tons on lights, it makes sense to take FULL advantage of it by having the right products behind it.

MyDMX has lasted me something like 4 years before needing me to upgrade. And the only reason I'm upgrading is because the shows I do require more complexity than what MyDMX can provide. I'm still recommending the MyDMX product.

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