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I just got off the phone with an ADJ service guy and got an RA# to return a Concept:1 unit for repair.
Story behind the Concept is as follows...
I bid on and won 4 Concept:1 lights off of Ebay.
One was stuck on blackout. After sending it back, I got a replacement.
But then, a few days later, I got another one, internally broken with glass rattling around inside the unit.
The company that shipped it to me said it was a mistake and should have been shipped back to them. (HUH?)
Anyhow, After a month went by and no pickup came for the unit. I called "them" and asked what they wanted to do about this broken unit.
They said that UPS had paid for the damaged unit and "they" had written it off.
In other words, they gave me a broken unit.(FREE)
Well, now I'm sending it to ADJ to see if they can fix it. The repair charge and shipping is all I'll have invested in it.
I think it's worth a try to fix the unit.
Don't you?
Thanks for reading!
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