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I am thinking of purchasing an ADJ DOTZ TPAR but I first need to know if each lamp can be controlled separately when using a DMX controller. In other words is it possible via DMX to fade and colour change each lamp individually on the TPAR by sending the TPAR the separate channel addresses?
In the TPAR operating manual under Universal DMX Control it says “This function will allow you to control each individual fixture’s traits with a standard DMX 512 controller” but I am not sure if it is classing the TPAR as the fixture, or the individual lamps as fixtures.
I have an LedJ EasiLed 4 DMX controller which I am hoping I can use to control the four lamps on the TPAR. It has a choice of start address 001/004/007/010 or 001/017/033/049, and a channel mode selection of RGB/RGBD/ RGBW/RGBWD/DRGB/DRGBW.
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Hi! Welcome to the forums, the DOTZ Tpar system does allow you to control the individual pars in 18ch mode configuration, HOWEVER... that controller you listed won't support it because you have the extra channels at the end of the color mixing. The channels are RGB,RGB,RGB,RGB, Colors macros, dimmer, shutter, dimmer curves, then power switch 1, and 2. That's 18 channels and all your board would be designed to allow is the 4 RGB color mixing sets of channels, not the master dimmer to get light output or anything. You will need a bigger board or step up to DMX software.
Hope this helps.
Hi James.
Thank you for your support.
I'm trying to keep the set up and operation as simple as possible, and I only need to have the color mixing and fading facility readily to hand from a small controller. I don't have a need for the auxiliary lights 1 and 2.
Therefore if I was to set the TPAR to just 12 channel mode and my controller to RGB would it then light up and work? (without needing the other channels 13-18)
Just a heads up on this thread;
I went ahead and purchased the DOTZ TPAR, set it to 12 channel mode, hooked it up to the little Easiled 4 channel RGB controller, and everything works fine Smiler
I can color change and fade each separate lamp on the TPAR, plus operate all of the other functions that are built into the controller such as chases, strobe, master fade etc etc.
Obviously 12 channel mode bypasses the TPAR's own built in functions which may be more superior but at least the TPAR lamps WILL work very well with a small RGB controller.
1. High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 12W LED source.
2. Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser.
3. 7 Colors + white & Split Colors.
4. 7 fixed gobos + spot.
5. Separate color & gobo wheels.
6. 3 Operational modes: DMX, Sound Active & Internal Show control modes.
7. 3 DMX channel modes: 13/14/16 Channels.
8. 4 Built-in shows.
9. Gobo Shake effect.
10. Gobo scroll mode.
11. Beam Angle: 13-degrees.
12. 540° pan / 230° tilt (16-bit).
13. Pan /Tilt Inversion mode.
14. 5 selectable Dim Curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural & Theatre).
15. Shutter: Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast.

Hi, New here, and to lighting in general. I have an additional question to this. I'm also trying to control individual lights on the TPar but with DMX software (Vibrio specifically). On the software my options for the fixture are 3,5 and 9 channel control. What do I set the TPar to and do I set the software to 3, 5 or 9 and do I give each light its own starting address or as mentioned above just give each 4 light TPar a single starting address? Thanks

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