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 I can't select any fader and have it remain selected. That makes the very much needed group fader selection a no go.

A couple of my profiles have multiple functions that can be selected and changed by right click. RGB or better lights don't have this option. 3 of my lights are 10 groups of red green blue. Not being able to fader select makes programming groups of these a pita. I've yet to figure out how to use scan library to edit the profile for this aspect - so it's possible to have a list of colors that the rgb group would become when selected. Maybe it's not possible. I see it is possible on movers that use color wheels. Any advise on these 2 things (especially the fader selection to save the hair on my head). Thanks!

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Hi, my DMX 3 works off of fixture selection as it's main  source of channel control, so you need to maybe make groups for quick and easy access to sets of channels. does that make sense? 
Here is my overview on what's new in MyDMX 3: 

List of colors, as in pre-mixed? You can stack cues in MyDMX 3, so you very well can make a whole group of just color combos and whole rig colors etc.

 Watch this video it may help explain some of the options you have:  

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