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What is new with the Show designer update 2.10 compared to V. 2.08?

Also, when i use factory chases with my joy 300's
and mihgty scans they have jumpy movements how can i fix this? how can i adjust the speed on joy 300's? on channel 12 0-15 is to slow then once it gets to 16 it's too fast. Is ther anything in between?

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the jumpy movements are caused by the fade time in the chase movements. any scanner with a speed adjustment will tend to jerk when the fade is set on the chase. you can adjust this fade time by selecting te chase then hit the fade utton and adjust it . you shouls also adjust the speed. at first doulble or half the speed setting. if it's at 300 bpm try 600 or 150 you can fine tune it later.

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