Screen Freezes on Startup

Hi, since you are on a Mac, there are some known Mac app store Apps that make myDMX 3 software behave oddly or free/crash. Do you have any of these apps installed or similar? 

If so, try uninstalling it and see if that clears up the issue. Let me know thanks! 

Let me ask this. Is it possible to trigger the 16 buttons on the front of the MyDMX another way besides touching the glass buttons?  (There’s no MIDI in port, but possibly through the USB port?)

I’m finding my fingers don’t always make the buttons switch properly on the first and sometimes second touch. 

Hi, sorry, i am not always able to check the forums or reply on the weekends, and my week has been busy so far. You should never solely rely on the forum for support, you could have called into us and spoke to someone Monday or Tuesday. 

but yes, the only way to get to use the front touch buttons is through the software, MIDI triggering is not an option for stand alone mode. 

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