Well the basic steps of scratching can be done on both Vinyl, or CD. You just have to apply the best technique to it. There are many types of scratches to work on, and you must understand that learning how to scratch is very time consuming, and you must put in your time. If there is a type of scratch that you need help in, then please tell me what it is and i'll do the best i can to help you achieve it. Other wise this topic is an open door with no output.
First off you need to untangle the knots, and keep your fingers apart! Smiler You need to keep a good consistent motion going with your fingers. Try curling your fingers more that will help, and depending on the speed of the song has alot to do with it as well. You must crab to the beat of the song, it's just like transforming to the beat of the song but faster ! A good practice is to snap your fingers starting with your pinky all the way to your index finger ! Snap all fingers and try to achieve a good flow, then try it on the fader.
It's very difficult!

Step 1 ) Orbit scratch= start with a good scratch sound like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and when you start this scratch make sure you start going backwards with the sound, and while your going backwards Click the fader twice ! So the sound should go like this...

HHHHHH CLICK HHHHHHH CLICK HHHA and then repeat this going foward ! like this..


Do this in a good flowing motions.. thats how you get the orbit sound.. once you practice this you will develop speed, and then you will start hearing it take effect. The motion is very important. Make sure you let the sound play a spit second before you do your 2 clicks. Try doing that, and see how you make out! Then i'll tell you about the flare ! Hope i was any help !
Yeah but what happens when the tape starts to wear down?? It's DVD TIME!!!!! but really, the best way to learn it is to apply it.! Senor Skilz can say it and write and show it over and over, but that doesn't mean that you will learn it and just be able to do it. Sure it will help you understand, but what if it's a bad camera angle and you really can't see?
Clip Chewy Chow has a good point. It's all about the time you put in to practice. Scratching is just another tool you can carry on your shoulders as a DJ. You really don't need to learn how to scratch to be succesful, but it will boost up your talent as a DJ personally.
It's a good element to get the crowed going, same as talking on the microphone. Some people talk on the mic to boost up the energy, and i scratch to boost the energy. Even though i do both, it's a very good key to learn !

Practice Practice Practice !
The problem with DJ's that are just starting out to scratch is that they always try to make a scratch sound like something they heard off of a mixed Tape, or something they heard over the Radio, and E.T.C. What you have to realize is that when you practice on your own, you will develope your own style. Don't try to mimic a scratch you heard, just try to develope your own. Scratching is an art, simply because you are creating it live in your head... once you figure it out, your creating the sound in your head, and whatever your creating in your head will come out into your hand. Let me make this easier for you to understand... Scratching is like playing Street Fighter... One you figure out how to do each individual move, then you can create your own combo, and attack with different combinations.

For EX:

Fierce, Strong, Low Kick, Fireball, Roundhouse.


Drag, Scribble, Flare, Orbit, Crab.

Just put the pieces together. Create it in your head. Use whatever scratch is best for the song that your playing. Depending on the speed of the song, the scratch is going to sound different. Speed scratching is hard to learn, but once you figure it out then it's sometimes harder to scratch to slower songs. Some Dj's i know have this problem.. they like to Scratch to faster pace songs, because the slower the beat the more technical you need to get with your scratches in order for them to sound really good.
Ok, that is helpful! Thanks. Now how do I go about learning the Drag, Scribble, Flare, Orbit, Crab? Yes, I may be a great dj, and have done that for a while, but when it comes to scratching, I am like a nun at sex, have no clue howw to go about it! I know there are different tricks to make different sounds, but how do I learn those? And are there certian sounds that sound better to scratch than others?
It's a slow learning process when it comes to scratching. You got to practice till your shoulder burns. Just playing around will get you far, and just scratch to a beat, and practice, practice, practice. You will start developing your own style. I don't even need to tell you how to make a Drag scratch, because the Drag scratch is exactly what it sounds like!
Hey Skilz,
You mentioned in a previous post that the DJ RECTRANGLE series was good for scratching. I listened to it and it's a bunch of clips. Are you suppose to use those or the menotenous beat after. Man you have no idea how much I wish you could just show me this stuff. I'm such a visual learned...hey how far does first class get me anyway? Big Grin Anyway peace & love, Shannon

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