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I programmed a bunch of scenes into different groups according to light types. I have led pars and 2 types of moving lights. When I stack them in the live tab it causes them to cancel out and not play the scene in my moving groups. I read in the manual that if they have the same channels that it could cause problems but my pars and movers don't have the same channels. I like the idea of stacking the groups. Does anyone know how to stack in the live tab without different groups cancelling out?

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I completely understand what you’re saying. I create scenes with my led pars for wash. All of my movers are off. I’m sure of it. 30 min later I go back to my wash scene and the power is on on my movers. The program keeps turning the movers back on. I’ve turned them off repeatedly and saved repeatedly and they still end up with tue power back on in my par scenes. I can’t them to stay off. I’ve updated my software to the newest version as well. If I can’t get tue movers to stay off in my par scenes I can’t stack the scenes like I want to.
Any ideas why the software keeps turning power on for my movers in my par scenes?

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I already have the nov version. I've attached the show file. The first group is wash lights. That's the group that keeps powering up my movers after I keep turning the power off.

Let me know if you find anything wrong. I'm in a band and want to run lights from the stage. This software would be awesome for that with the scene stacking. I hope we can get it figured out. Thanks for all your help.


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