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Hi I just downloaded the mydmx software and I have to say it is better than some of the other programs out there. My question is when you are in the scan library and making your own light fixture profile I have the name of the gobos from the fixtures manual but I am looking for the icon of the gobo but cant seem to find it.

1) So is it possible to add more gobo icons or do I just put one close to it?

2) Also I was wondering if this is compatible with a DMX to Microplex translator?

And last but not least.
3) How many usb dongles can be used with this software?
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it is possible to make and add your ow gobo icons however it is extremely complicated and requires high quality pics of the gobo's and a photoshop software. So I would just use one that is closest to the one you need. And I'm not sure about a microlex translator I'll have to get back to you on that. The software I believe can only be used with one USB device at a time. so I'll get back to ya about the rest you were wondering.
well the question about the dmx to microplex translator, I work at a school and they have the old NSI Microplex CD2408 I think. I know it doesn't use dmx, it uses microplex, but my question is rather will the mydmx software work with a dmx to microplex translator? I know the translator supports up to 128 channels of NSI dimmer packs, but the school's system is a 8 channel dimmer. So would I just put a single generic par can on the dmx patch for each channel I need? That should work right.

My question about the usb dongle was because I noticed multiple universes within the software. I was wondering if you need multiple usb dongles for multiple universes? Or does the universes only output on one dongle
I'm not familiar with the Microplex CD2408(or anything from Microplex).

Now, assuming that the Microplex is using it's own proprietary language and/or protocol AND that it will translate incoming DMX-512 signalling to it's own scheme, then there's no valid reason why MyDMX or any other software or DMX controller shouldn't work.

So, assuming what I am assuming is correct, then it may be safe to assume that what you're assuming would also be correct. Or so I would assume. Assuming we're all correct. That's a lot of assumption.

Honestly, you might be better off migrating off the Microplex stuff and move to ADJ or Elation dimmer packs, or maybe even move to LED fixtures. I think going forward, it would be in the best interest to at least go with DMX-512 gear. I don't mean exclusively, if you find a high-tech effect, you can power it on/off with a switching pack, or setting a DP-DMX20L channel into switching mode.

Not to sort of throw numbers out, but you could get two DP-DMX20L's to get your 8 channels(which could support up to 16 fixtures), and then make a choice of a basic DMX controller or MyDMX software. For a "Fixed/in-place system", I personally recommend a controller. You can bolt it in place, and including a "Cheat sheet" that contains usage operations and what is programmed where. If you leave the DMX connection accessible, you can always patch in something like MyDMX should you need to.

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