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hello...i turned on mydmxgo today and all my saved projects are blank...Fixtures are blank... I downloade the latest firmware...nothing...i tried Lightrider...nothing...I have power to dmx box and transmitter...receivers are charged and flashing green as should be...files are still located on my tablet, saved projects and downloaded fixtures...How do i fix this?

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Hmm ok, so give me the details of the android tablet, including android OS version and the version number of the myDMX Go app itself. I will send this thread to someone in the developers office and we may have an idea on the cause or something for you to try Monday afternoon latest usually.

One thing you could try, is patch in some lights, yours or any, and then program a few presets, save the file and all that and then test loading it from new again and see if maybe its a problem writing files.

But please post the info i asked for and we will see what we can find out Monday.

Ok, the developers office asked me to ask you to do the following:

Could the customer check / send a screenshot showing he has enabled storage permissions for the app?

And could he also make a backup of the DJapp folder with his original projects, and then completely uninstall the app, restart the tablet, re-install the app. And copy just the DLM files into the DJapp folder which was created as part of the Re-install?

Let us know, thanks.

So the tech at the developers tried your files and said this:

"Downloaded the DLM and changed the ‘_’ to “.” In order to use the file with the App. I’m able to select the project in the app, but there is sadly no fixtures stored. If I patch new fixtures, they store and are selectable when switching between projects and after restarting the app too.

Was this a new project the customer had setup? The only time I have seen an empty project is when the customer did not return to the live screen after patching the fixtures, so by quitting the app from the fixture screen, they are not saved."

can you confirm?

Hello, so a word from the tech team at the developers office about this. Also no Lightrider does not work on windows, LightRider and MyDMX Go are nearly the same app.

It's impossible for a MyDMX Go firmware update to wipe the fixtures in his project, they’re completely unrelated and not linked anyway. I think its a red herring / coincidence that the show issue happened after he did an update though.

From speaking with one of our developers, we checked the file and it is indeed completely blank, nothing to restore. The file on a code level is identical if you have create a new blank project, so it is not as if the show has corrupted either.

Just in case the customer meant app update rather than firmware update, we have ran several tests where we left the default project name as is, and tested with patches and updates of the same app (MDG to MDG) and also across the apps (MDG to LR and vice versa). On android they share the DJapp folder, but so far the update does not override the existing projects.

One basic thing just to rule out, is that the customer hasn’t recently switch tablets or deleted the app and reinstalled from fresh? Because some customers think the LS cloud back-up their projects and presets, but this is not the case, and just want to check we’re not overlooking this simple misconception of what the LS Cloud is. It is something planned for the future, just not yet.

Firmware update was done after verification show disappeared... Some apps fix themselves after updates... Same Tablet show was created on... App was Uninstalled and reinstalled after verification show disappeared... Well... I understand that shit happens that out of anyone's control... Not happy but that's the way it is... Thanks for all the help... Maybe this will put developers on a track to investigate solutions to prevent this from happening in the future... I have started building my show again and plan to save a copy of the file... Thanks again....

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