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For the last couple of days, when starting MyDMX software, I am suddenly getting weird icon from ADJ offering to buy more software from (if internet is ON). When not connected to the internet, the icon threatens that software may stop soon to work, saying, besides other things, the following:
"Internet: EXPIRE IN 45 DAYS".

What is this? MyDMX Buddy was purchased legally, do not want to upgrade to anything, and definitely do not want my shows to depend on internet connection.

I guess all this happened because I recently installed, tried but removed the newer version (2.1?) of the software. How to permanently get rid of this annoying icon?
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Did you recently register the Buddy for the first time?

Also yes, there is a 45 day offline timer that checks the license every time you get online and run the program with an internet connection it will reset the timer back to 45 days each time you use it with internet, if you plan on going offline more than 45 days, let us know and we can extend the timer for you.

Yes, we know you purchased it legally, but we have a timer in place as a security thing to help protect us from people using free trials longer than they should.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks!
Hi James,
Yes, I did register it recently, just for a reason to have some kind of warranty. If possible, I want to unregister it, or at least extend the timer for as long as possible. I am not going to upgrade my both Buddies to any feature (for what Buddies are not capable of doing, I have a full MyDMX2 HW unit). Should I e-mail you the S/N?
And the MyDMX2 hardware units (NOT Buddies) are not affected by this, as I noticed, yes?
And if I plug in my another, unregistered Buddy, I would not see the icon unless I register it, is it?
Thank you!
Well, I un-registered the Buddy but now when I start the software, it shows that License is expired, the unit is in Demo mode, and saying that "I understand that the software is in demo mode (no DMX output)". And as usual it offers to go to the store and buy more software.

James, I need the Buddy up & working ASAP!

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