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On an Intel Core2Duo 1.83GHz 4gig Notebook running Windows XP sp2.
I run MyDMX as well as Nuendo with MOTU Firewire interface and Edirol USB MIDI interface.
MyDMX performs as expected when it is the only program running. All channels work and software performs smoothly.
When running MyDMX at the same time as Nuendo, I get spikes and clicks and dropouts in my audio. In order to get rid of the audio problems I have to make changes in Nuendo and the MOTU interface that leave me with a terrible latency problem which is unnacceptable because I use Nuendo for Live Keyboard Mixing.

So.... I found that if I run MxDMX in compatability mode for Windows 98/ME my audio problems go away and MyDMX runs fairly smoothly... except..... !!!!

Channels 1-4 do not send good DMX data which puts my first fixture in quite a bind.

Reading another thread shows that simply shifting my fixtures up 4 channels will set me up for a complete reprogram of the show. (which is unthinkable, so instead i may just move the fixture address to another place in the DMX channel spectrum)

So I thought I would check here first to see if there was a fix/workaround for this problem.


edit: additionally, I have not tried my terminating resistor at the end of the DMX signal chain yet...
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Hey rl and welcome to the forums.

Sounds like you have created your own work around for this. Your best bet would probably to do as you initially thought and move the first fixture elsewhere in your chain and reprogram for just that one fixture then. I doubt a terminator would help you since you have seemed to narrow the problem down to when the Nuendo is connected.

If you are talking about the thread I think you are talking about, I stated in that thread this is one of the reasons top designers prefer consoles over software controllers, compatibility issues. I don't know if this is an option for you, but maybe get another laptop for running the Nuedno and use the other just for MyDMX. This should help cut down on issues. Some one from AMDJ might look into this, but it seems like the Nuendo and MyDMX are fighting each other, so the issue might be on the Nuendo side and not the MyDMX side of things.

Once again, welcome to the forums.
Thanks, SerraAva.

If I were a top designer I would probably have that console (AND think ahead! LOL)

Yes, I considered a second laptop (and midi interface for triggering), but having one more piece of equipment on stage would mean pushing the drummer off the other side of the stage... hmmmmmm.....

I like running both on one... eggs in one basket and all.

And considering my unique situation the chances of AmericanDJ writing a fix are slim to none.

(Another possibility is that the MyDMX driver and the MOTU driver are the ones fighting.)

Either way, moving the fixture isn't too hateful, since it IS the one pointed at ME and I am willing to do the reprogramming so I can look good.

Yea, no one wants to haul around more gear then needed. Also, I understand stage real estate can be a premium at times.

I am inclined to believe it is more of a software thing then a driver thing. Since you switched compatibility on the program sides of things (compatibility mode doesn't effect drivers) and the fact that only channels 1-4 are effected and not the whole dongle as a whole farther adds to this assumption. If it was a driver, all 512 channels would not work/act erratic/cut in and out. Now could the Nuendo driver be effecting the MyDMX software, completely possible. But I don't think it is the MyDMX driver itself.
You really need to run MyDMX on its own and then your other stuff on its own, unless you want erratic results.

Granted, the MyDMX isn't resource heavy, but it just has some issues. Also consider that MyDMX is MIDI aware(but not fully MIDI integrated) so it's sitting and sniffing all your MIDI in and out looking for triggers to respond to. This now makes MyDMX being a resource hog, and that's precisely where your issues are.

Get another laptop. We're not talking that much space unless you have a 42-inch laptop screen!

I know you want the "all the eggs in one basket" idea. It doesn't work here. Split it up and you're golden.

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