We recently purchased Inno Scan HP (4), Inno Roll (4), Starburst (2) & a Kaos lighting fixtures. I notice that each one has a reset function via the DMX. But I can't find any documentation about how this works. I've notice when the Inno's are on for an extended period of time the color is off when we run a scene, on a few fixtures.

Any input would be appreciated.
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I do have the manual and chart. But it doesnt' say what it does.
Does it reset the whole fixture?
Or is it just the certain features (i.e. blackout color/movement/gobo change)?
Does the reset value have to be the only value sent with all the other channels at 0?
Is there a minium time for the reset value?
Does the fixure reboot (I haven't seen it do that)?

Thanks again.
Inno Scan HP has a "RESET ALL" command via DMX, so all motors and sensors will reset, it will not power off, but the shutter will close and the dimmer will go down, it'll be like you just powered it on, but without actually power cycling it. Make sense?

Other reset functions that have a name like Reset Color, Reset Gobo, etc., do the same but for ONLY those motors in the fixtures. nothing shuts off, but it will/could result in the light not being "on" in whatever scene or DMX programmed look is playing when you trigger the reset.

Does that help?
1.High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 12W LED source.
2.Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser.
3.7 Colors + white & Split Colors.
4.7 fixed gobos + spot.
5.Separate color & gobo wheels.
6.Manual focus.
7.3 Operational modes: DMX, Sound Active & Internal Show control modes.
8.3 DMX channel modes: 13/14/16 Channels.
9.4 Built-in shows.
10.Gobo Shake effect.
11.Gobo scroll mode.
12.Beam Angle: 13-degrees.

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