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im trying to broadcast with the full vdj 7 useing djdad's mapper and skin with the 8 out configuration...
but when i add the record loopback to the advanced configration the whole of vdj freezies up and i get not responding.
this is starting to get annoying as i do a set on the radio each week, and am haveing to youse my old bcd300.
i paid the extra to upgrade vdj even though i was told by the shop that sold me the vms4 that it was fully mapped.
this was not true at all and caused me a lot of bother untill i paid the extra £120 to upgrade to vdj pro.
to say i feel let down by what i thought was a fully working unit would be an understatement.
iv postied about the record loopback freezing on the vdj forum but have had no reply..

can anyone help me??
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