I was wondering if someone could recommend a laser for a rock band. We use DMX to control lights from stage using a MIDI foot pedal.
Here were my thoughts:
1. Galaxian sky. since I'm using DMX I could (hopefully) control it such that it's above peoples heads (if needed), ..but I did read a post about not being able to get the liquid sky effect via DMX (which seems hard to believe). I could blackout the colorstrips (which point down to the band) during laser scenes such that the lasers do not get washed out. liquid sky is always a cool effect.
2. Galaxian or galaxian royalle - this would definitely go into the crowd given it's like a moonflower on steriods. is that going to be a problem ? I dont think so given the many videos I've seen on youtube. this might be a real cool effect for a slow song scene (blackout all or most of the lights, kick on the laser).
Any recommendations from users who own these fixtures ? I'm torn.

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