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I just bought Revo 4 for our band, since today, we have used only Martin lightning, but I was looking for reasonable priced LED, so I reached to American DJ.

First - is it possible to make my own patterns for the Revo 4 and how can i use them ?

Second - there is something in the manual I dont understand. It says Revo 4 has Audio mode and show mode. For Show mode i have to turn off the audio mode (I did this), select the show I want form the menu, press enter and then I can select the speed. NOPE ! I cant ! After pressing enter to select the show, I'm back in the main menu and nothing happens. 
Also - when the the audio mode is turned ON, Revo 4 still uses one of the shows to use with audio...
From the manual I understand that Show mode is non audio mode and Audio mode is - well audio mode. But basically there is show mode with audio and show mode without audio (that is pointless, because it does not work without audio).

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Hello, so for your first question yes you can create your own patterns with the Revo 4 but would need to use a DMX controller in order to do so.

As for the show mode you will need to have the audio option enabled as you are correct it will need to detect sound to change between patterns. It may be the wording of the manual may be off I would have to see what section that may be to see if we can correct it.

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